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How do I turn on/off notifications from the Community?

You’ve got your finger on the pulse of the organization but you’re also incredibly busy. It would be nice to be notified via email or the mobile app when someone posts – or even replies to another post – in the Community. Luck for you, there is a way. Let’s do this!


  • You are using the website or at least version 2.0.1 of the mobile app.
  • Your organization has installed and enabled the Community feature.
  • You are logged in.

1. Profile

From your Profile, look under Actions and select Settings.

2. Settings

On the Settings screen, scroll down to Notifications and select it to expand your options.

Under Community, you’ll see several options available to you. If you’d like an email notification, select the envelope icon beside each notification type. If you’d like an app notification, select the phone icon. If you’d like both – that’s fine too! – then select both.

If the option is green, then it is enabled and you will receive notifications. If the option is red, then it is disabled and you will not receive those notifications.

3. Save Your Settings!

When you’re finished making your selections, click Save in the top right and you will receive a confirmation that your changes have been saved.

4. That’s it!

That wasn’t too bad, right? Now you can get back to the important stuff and let Memberment tell you when something’s afoot in your organization.


In this article we’ve showed you how to enable notifications to stay up to date on posts from fellow members of your organization. You’re getting pretty good at this. 😉

Updated on March 10, 2021

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