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How do I add members to my account?

If your organization is using the accounts feature, adding and removing members can be accomplished in a variety of ways that we’ll explore below.


  • You are using the website or at least version 2.0.2 of the mobile app.
  • Your organization has installed and enabled the Accounts feature.
  • You are logged in.

Before We Start

As a Memberment user, there are a couple settings you’re likely unaware of that are set by your organization administrator and will affect how you are able to proceed. To determine how your organization is configured, follow the steps below.

1. Profile

Select Profile from the Main Menu. Once on your Profile, look under Actions and you should see Account or Accounts, depending on the number of accounts you are in. If you see this, select it.

*** If you do not see this, then either your organization is not using the Accounts feature or you are not in any account and you cannot continue. You should create a ticket using the Help Desk to contact your organization for support.

2. Account

Once on the Account screen, you will see your account name, account members, and account activity. If your organization allows you to manage members in your account, then you will see the Add new member option. Select this option to continue.

*** If you do not see this, then either you are not an account admin or your organization does not allow you to add or remove members from your account. You should create a ticket using the Help Desk to contact your organization for support.

3. Add Member

On the Add Member screen, you will see fields like email, first name, last name, birthday, gender, and phone numbers. Some organizations may want you to complete all fields and some may not. It is important that you heed the instructions from your organization.

If you enter an email address, Memberment will send an invitation email to the new member so that they can sign up and complete their registration.

*** Once a member has been invited to Memberment, you will not be able to change any information about that member. If you need to change something, simply delete the member and add them again with the correct information.

Complete all information about the member you are adding and select Save when you’re done.

4. That’s it!

At this point you should see your new member added to your account!

If your organization does not auto approve new members, then you will see a Pending badge under the member. If you entered an email for the new member – once approved by your organization – your new member will receive an invitation to join Memberment.

If your organization does auto approve new members, then an invitation will be sent immediately to join Memberment.

At this time you can proceed to add additional members, if neccesary.


In this article we showed you how to add additional members to your account, if your organization allows it. If you do not see these options then your organization does not allow this so you will need to use the Help Desk to create a ticket for your organization to handle this for you.

Updated on April 21, 2021

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