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How to install the Accounts feature

If your organization groups members in to accounts, then the Accounts feature is going to be a must-have for you.

In this article, we’ll cover getting the feature installed and walk through each of the options available to you.


  • You must be an organization admin
  • You must be logged in


All features are installed from the Settings screen listed under Organization Menu. Once installed, you can configure various options before enabling the feature which makes it visible to your members.

1. Main Menu

Once logged in, hit the menu icon in the top left to open the sidebar. Scroll down to Organization Menu and select Settings.

2. Settings

Once on the Settings screen, scroll to Features and select Accounts.

If a feature is not installed, the circle next to the name will be gray. If a feature is installed but not enabled, it will be yellow. Finally, if a feature is installed and enabled it will be green.

3. Accounts

On the Accounts screen, you should see a short description as well as an Install button. Go ahead and select Install. You will be presented with a confirmation message. Select Continue.

4. Feature Configuration

The Accounts feature has a single configuration options which we will cover below so that you fully understand how best to configure the feature for your organization.

Member Management

For some organizations, accounts are off-limits to member control. If a new member needs to be added, only the organization admin can do it. If this sounds like your organization, then leave this option disabled.

Other organizations, however, do not mind if an account admin wants to add or remove members to/from their account. For some, this removes one more work item to manage and puts the onus on the member to keep this information up to date. If this sounds like your organization, then you’ll want to enable this option.

If you enable this option, only account admins can add or remove members from their account as well as make other account members an admin on the account. They cannot see or edit any other organizational information.


In this article we’ve covered installing the Accounts feature and covered configuration options and how they impact your organization.

Updated on February 25, 2021

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