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How can I use Siri to show my access pass?

Smashing buttons on a screen? How pedestrian. If that’s an Apple device in your pocket, we’ve got an even easier way to get your access pass ready when your arms are loaded down for a day at the pool.


  • You are using the iOS app.
  • Your organization has installed and enabled the Access Control feature.
  • You are logged in.

1. Profile

From your Profile, look under Actions and select Settings.

2. Settings

On the Settings screen, scroll down to Siri Shortcuts and look for “Hey Siri, show my access pass.” Select Add to Siri.

3. Add to Siri

You will now be prompted to add a custom phrase to tell Siri to launch the Memberment app and show your access pass.

You can change the phrase to whatever you like. We have preloaded it with “Show my access pass”.

Once you’re satisfied, select Add to Siri.

4. Confirmation

At this point, you should be back on the Settings screen and the Add to Siri button should now say Added to Siri.

If you want to edit this shortcut in the future, you can do so through the Shortcuts app or you can do it here from the Memberment Settings screen by selecting the Added to Siri button.

5. That’s it!

Doesn’t get any easier than that, right? Now you can shout at your phone like a maniac while waiting in a line full of people fumbling with their phones like troglodytes and having the gall to question your sanity. Mmmmkay.

Little do they know, you read knowledge base articles. Well done.


In this article we’ve showed you one way to simplify the arrival process at your organization facilities while also impressing people half your age.

Updated on February 20, 2021
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