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How to check a member in

When your member arrives at your facility, you expect a smooth, painless, and fast process that captures their arrival and gets them on their way. In this article, we’ll cover the two options at your disposal.

Whether you’re using the website or the app, the method is the same.


  • You must be an organization admin or…
  • You must be added as an attendant by an organization admin
  • You must be using the app or a web browser
  • You must be logged in

Option 1: Search By Name

Not every member will have a phone or perhaps they’ve forgotten to bring it and that means no access pass. No sweat! We’ll show you how you can search for the member, verify their identity, and check them in.

1. Main Menu

Once logged in, hit the menu icon in the top left to open the sidebar. Scroll down to Organization Menu and select Access Control.

2. Access Control

On the Access Control screen, use the search bar to enter your member’s name. When you’ve found them, go ahead and select their name.

3. Member

You will be taken to a screen with the member’s information including the location you are checking them into, additional account members that you can check in at this time (requires the Accounts feature), and guest passes that can used during this arrival (requires Guest Passes to be enabled in the Access Control feature).

Once you’ve selected the correct location, additional members, and additional guests, select the green button at the bottom of the screen to check the member in.

5. That’s it!

At this point, you will receive a message that the member has been checked in and you can select Continue to be taken back to the Access Control screen where you can scan in the next member in line.

Option 2: Scanning an access pass

While you can search for a member in the app or a web browser, to scan an access pass you will need to be using an Apple or Android device.

For more information on this option, head over to How to scan access passes.


In this article, we’ve covered the two options at your disposal when admitting members to your facilities.

To see this process from your member’s perspective, check out How do I use my access pass?

Updated on February 20, 2021

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