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How to add a new member

The process of adding a new member is extremely simple so let’s get into it. Whether you’re using the website or the app, the method is the same.


  • You must be an organization admin.
  • You must be logged in.

1. Organization Menu

Once logged in, hit the menu icon in the top left to open the sidebar. Scroll down to Organization Menu and select Members.

2. Members

Once on the members screen, you’ll see a list of any existing members. If you’re unsure if this new member exists already, feel free to use the search bar to search for them before proceeding. When you’re ready, select Create new member.

3. Create Member

And now we make the magic happen! If you have an email address for this user, enter it now and once you add them, they will receive an invitation to Memberment on behalf of your organization. First name and last name are the only required fields.

Complete any other fields you wish, including External ID if you are using another third party system for management, accounting, etc. This field can assist you when exporting data later.

You can also mark this member as a Guest Member which will allow you to block (or not) tasks they can perform or information they can see in other features of Memberment.

When you’re ready, hit Save at the top right and that’s it! You’ve added a new member!


In this article we’ve covered adding a new member to your organization. If you added an email address at this time, the member has been invited and you will notice you can no longer change any information about this member except External ID. This is because personal information belongs to the member once they are registered with Memberment.

This benefits you because now when your member changes their email address or phone number, this information is automatically updated for you with no further intervention. Similarly, they may add information you don’t already have like birthdays, gender, etc.

If you did not add an email, then you can edit any information you have on that member. If you add an email address later, the member will be invited at that time.

Updated on February 20, 2021

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