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What is an invitation code?

Let’s take a look at one of the more powerful features of Memberment, the ability to do less work!

While the option to manually add new members yourself is available to you (i.e. How to add a new member), you also have the ability to off-load that effort to someone else and who doesn’t love that?

Every organization is assigned a unique, case-sensitive code when created in Memberment. This code can changed to something more appealing to your vanity, if you’d like.

Use your existing communications tools to send this code out to your members – along with an introduction to Memberment – and once they sign up they’ll be able to join your organization using this code (i.e. How do I use an invitation code?).

So let’s show you how to find this code…


  • You must be an organization admin
  • You must be logged in

1. Organization Menu

Once logged in, hit the menu icon in the top left to open the sidebar. Scroll down to Organization Menu and select Settings.

2. Settings

Once on the settings screen, scroll to Invitation Code and select it. You’ll see a brief description and under that you’ll see your invitation code.

You can change this to something else if you’d like and hit Save in the top right.

Make note of this code and send it to your members who will then sign up for Memberment and use the Join Organization menu option to join your organization (i.e. How do I use an invitation code?).


Once your members have used this code to join your organization, they will be set as Pending and will not have access to your organization until you approve them.

You also have the option to deny the member which will delete them entirely from your organization and they will no longer show as Pending.

Updated on February 18, 2021

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